Friday, September 25, 2009

The Federal Reserve is Bankrupt

This is an interesting and original viewpoint, I haven't seen it before, but it makes sense and gives potent original insight into their shenanigans.

By Benjamin Fulford

It is the Federal Reserve Board that is bankrupt, not the USA

The American people are finally waking up to the evil nature of the Federal Reserve Board. However, the Pentagon and alphabet soup agency types have not quite figured everything out yet. They think that if the Fed goes down, Americans will suffer a catastrophic drop in living standards but it does not have to be so. With a smooth transition to a new financial system, the American people will be able to get on just fine. The US annual current account deficit, that is to say the amount of stuff Americans buy from the rest of the world with their credit card, was, at its peak, 7% of GDP. Now that their credit card is being cancelled Americans will have to pay with cash, that means they will have to buy 7% less than before. That 7% drop has already happened.

Since the Federal Reserve Board and Washington D.C. are corporations that have nothing to do with the constitutional United States of America, if they go bankrupt, the constitutional government of the US would not owe that money. Furthermore, the new financial system will pay off accumulated overseas debts of the American people (this is a one-off deal folks) with gold. The new financial system is run by a group of honest bankers, plutocrats and regulators who support a new Marshall plan to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. To accomplish this they would like the full cooperation of the Pentagon and the various agencies. That means they will keep paying them their salaries and probably will also give them a pay rise.

It is the Feds, with their threats of violence and plots of terror in a desperate attempt to keep power, who are dragging the US into chaos. Their solution is to force the American people to pay off the Fed debts over a period of hundreds of years. The French people finally payed-off the last of the Napoleonic debt only a few years ago.

So folk in the military and other agencies need to ask themselves if they are patriots or enforcers of debt slavery.