Friday, October 2, 2009

SO.., What's up in Hardin Montana??

Hardin, Montana a "Town" of 3,384 souls is the proud site of a $23,000,000 plus accruing interest, 464 bed world class incarceration facility that has been empty for about 2 years. A company called "American Police Force, Inc" Which is now driving numerous black Mercedes SUVs around their small rural town, has leased the facility and hired the area's only "investigative" reporter to be their "spokesliar". Maybe she might tell us........?

She says...." "

Curiously the towns people have had little to say about the facility and were only minimally advised about the decision to spend that much money for the incarceration facility. Of course, a town of this size couldn't afford to spend that much money from their small budget and meager revenues so the local joint powers economic development agency had to float a bond issue. Floating bonds is an expensive and sophisticated process not likely to be undertaken in a small rural town, without some sort of impetus from outside influences. Firstly, the buyers need assurances that they will be repaid, so where did the assurances come from? Secondly, a local joint powers agency of this size couldn't possibly sell those bonds if there weren't a credible source behind the scenes vouching for their repayment. Was it the CIA or maybe a client of the Alabama law firms of Balch & Bingham or DC based Wilmer Cutler & Pickering? Maybe the area's new "investigative reporter" will tell us?

Now here is where the SHTF, how does a small a small rural county demonstrate the need for a large world class incarceration facility that they won’t use or begin filling until 2010? Why does the facility seem to pop up when Camp X-Ray at the Joint Command facility in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, seems to be on the verge of being emptied? Why does the facility have all the facilities for prisoners that most “free folks” would envy? Why does the primary mission of American Police Force, Inc. seem more like a public relations operations designed to hide a special group of prisoners from the public rather than incarcerate them?

She goes on to say ....""

Well here is my theory, and it’s not too complicated. The high value detainees at Gitmo are not Al-Qaeda. They are the 246 civilian passengers and improbably 19 hijackers that were supposedly on the high jacked airplanes of 9/11. (American Airlines Flights 11 & 77 and United Airlines Flights 175 & 93)

Fact: many people, as I do, believe that the “suicide hijackings” and subsequent official versions do not match what we all saw on the live broadcasts on all TV Channels, with our own eyes and ears.

Fact: the official versions do not square up with on scene reports by hundreds of eyewitnesses.

Fact: Lee Hamilton, the Chairman of the 9/11 Commission said the investigation was “designed to fail” and “the CIA stonewalled our investigation at every turn”.

Fact: the official version has subsequently been revised by talking heads to cloak the inconsistencies.

But most importantly: It is the;
Fact: that the evidence of the biggest crime scene in US history was immediately destroyed by shipping the WTC structural steel to China where it was melted. In America FAA radar data tapes were erased and other real evidence was never produced or investigated.

Fact: the NIST, an official government agency, made statements that destroyed their own credibility even though they were often cited in the Official 9/11 Commission report.

Now let’s move on to the next part, the one I think shows the most inconsistencies A.A. Flight 77 which was said to have been flown into the Pentagon at 9:37 AM of the morning of 9/11 by the "bestest" pilot in the whole world “Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour”, Soon to be credited with 600 hours of "unconfirmed" flight hours and 189 “confirmed” kills. (Air and Ground)

Now it's time to ask, She says ...""

Who is Hani Hanjour? In September 1996 he took lessons at CRM Flight Cockpit Resource Management in Scotsdale, AZ. He received poor marks from instructor Duncan Hastie, and left the school. In December he enrolled again but left shortly thereafter because of continuing poor performance. In August 1998, Hanjour requested to rent a small plane, however, after three practice flights in a Cessna 172 with Ben Connor, an instructor, it was decided that he was not capable enough to allow him to rent an airplane. Federal Aviation Administration records show “Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour” obtained a commercial pilot's license in April 1999, but how and where he did so remains a lingering question that FAA officials refuse to discuss. Instructors familiar with his performance said “he could not fly at all” Somehow “Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour” acquired 600 hours of unsupervised flying time and logged it into his pilot log book. Pilot logs are on the honor system and pilots fill in their own logs. There are no supporting rent receipts or supervising signatures to support his alleged 600 hours of log entries. The experience was either fabricated by “Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour” or someone else. (It would take at least $60,000 to get all of the hours and training necessary to earn a commercial pilot’s license. Where is the money trail?)

It is beyond belief that “Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour” could fly any plane especially a sophisticated Boeing 757 at about 500 MPH into prohibited airspace around the Pentagon and White House, perform high G 270 degree maneuver and head straight into the Pentagon barely above ground level for a full ½ mile and crash dead nuts into the sparsely used area of the Pentagon which originally resulted in a hole about 12 feet in diameter. Then, said Boeing 757 folded its wings like a kerchief being pulled through a paper tube and left no evidence whatsoever of the two massive engines or wings either on the outside or inside the Pentagon. OK, let’s cover our asses and say “it’s a miracle”, praise Allah, Jesus and Abraham. Of course everything and everyone was vaporized, except some paper, books, chairs, desks and file cabinets left standing in the now exposed office space right on the edge of the hole. Pretty clever, I’d say..”Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour” pulled off a miracle when he vaporized a complete Boeing 757 with 2 massive engines, 64 passengers & crew plus 125 employees at the Pentagon but left the office contents intact.

Fact: Something hit the Pentagon!! But it was not “Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour” acrobatically flying a Boeing 757 at 500 MPH, 20 feet off the deck. The Pentagon is a heavily secured with at least 70 exterior building cameras, but the only Pentagon camera evidence released to the public or the 9/11 commission was a parking lot camera that recorded something about the size of a fighter plane that fox’d it’s missile just the instant before it crashes into the Pentagon wall. This is consistent with the original 12’ hole in the Pentagon. Later a grainy photo shows a small Jet engine compressor fan inside Ring C of the Pentagon this is also consistent with a small fighter jet engine part. The proof is in the photo, all the Pentagon has to do is release the serial number of the compressor fan and other surviving parts and they will prove, without a doubt, what actually hit the Pentagon. It’s a slam dunk; the parts will have military serial numbers not commercial airplane serial numbers!! Maybe some guy was riding that plane, but I seriously doubt it.

Now let’s dissect another event, the one that proves that Theodore Olson, husband of Barbara Bracher-Olson is in on the joke. Theodore Olson’s wife Barbara was a “passenger” on the Boeing 757 passenger airliner that “Ace acrobatic pilot Hani Hanjour” crashed into the Pentagon. This is supported by the planes passenger list and attested to by Ted Olson. He said she called him several times on her cell phone, then changes his story to onboard air phones. But the FBI, said there is no evidence that the calls were made, no charge card expenses, or cell phone records exist to support their calm and collected goodbyes that lasted for almost a minute.

Who is Barbara Bracher-Olson? She earned a Juris Doctor degree from Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Later she worked as an associate at the Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering where she did civil litigation for several years before becoming an assistant U.S. attorney. In 1994, she left to work for the United States House of Representatives, becoming chief investigative counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. There she led the Travelgate and Filegate investigations into the Clinton administration. She co-founded the Independent Women’s Forum with Rosalie Silberman. Later she was a partner in the Washington, DC office of the Birminhgham, Alabama law firm of Balch and Bingham. It was said she hated everything Clinton.

Barbara Bracher-Olson was the bleached blonde talking head on Fox News Channel and CNN among others. She was a conservative American tv commentator and lawyer. She was a “passenger” on American Airlines Flight 77 en route to a taping of the television Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect TV show when it was “flown” into the Pentagon on 9/11 by “Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour with 600 hours of unconfirmed flight as pilot in command(PIC)."

Who was Theodore Olson? Barbara Bracher married Theodore Olson in 1996. He successfully represented presidential candidate George W. Bush in the Supreme Court case of Bush v. Gore which effectively determined the final result of the contested 2000 Presidential election.. He subsequently was appointed as U.S. Solicitor General in the Bush administration. He testified many times that they talked on the phone during the hijacking, but this has been completely refuted by the lack of supporting evidence. Theodore Olson the former U.S. Solicitor General promotes the joke of 9/11 attacks on America by Osama Bin Laden and friends.

Where is Barbara Bracher-Olson? Her “flight” was scheduled to leave at 8:10AM from gate D26 at Dulles Airport on 9/11. For whatever reason the plane sat an extra 10 minutes at the gate after the passengers had all been boarded. This is more than enough time to deplane 64 passengers and crew or substitute another plane. Which is what happened. No one flew a Boeing 757 into the Pentagon including “Ace Pilot Hani Hanjour”. Instead an empty fighter plane with a small fighter jet sized engine had been prepared and then flown into the Pentagon. It was easily flown from any distance by the CIA’s remote control pilots. This happens everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan where unmanned Predator drones are controlled from Beale Air Force Base in Northern California. This is not rocket science because unmanned aircraft are flown on every possible weekend at the local RC club field by regular Joes. They are real good, and they use ordinary off-the-shelf equipment available in any respectable hobby shop. Imagine what the CIA has and you would probably underestimate their capability. At this time we are only talking about AA Flight 77 but the WTC strikers were ordinary military cargo style or recon style planes because they had miles of open space to operate in, not so for AA Flight 77. After entering the P56 airspace the CIA operated almost entirely within the confines of P-56. It had to be small.

P = Prohibited Airspace

Lethal force is authorized in the P-56 area. It is surrounded by all manner and means of anti-aircraft defenses ranging from shoulder fired weapons like stingers, or S. A. missle batteries, and squadrons of supersonic F-16s, F-14s and FA-18s.

Here is where treason becomes evident.

If the events unfolded as the 9/11 Commission report says they did then one is forced to ask the obvious; Who had the authority and capability to allow the Boeing 757 to enter P-56 and who let it strike the Pentagon? Just ask Norman Minetta. He testified, under oath, that Vice President Dick Cheney ordered NORAD to standown. VPOTUS ordered NORAD to standdown when the known hijacked airplane the size of a Boeing 757 entered area P-56?? That is plain and simple treason!! Ok I’m going to cut Vice President Dick Cheney some slack, he knew it wasn’t a hijacked Boeing 757 piloted by that “600 hours pilot and Ace of Aces Hani Hanjour”. Instead he knew it was a normal run-of-the-mill pilotless drone remotely controlled by the CIA and they told him they were just kidding around. But they fooled him, didn’t they.

Scene 1 act 2

Wham-bam Hani Hanjour future Ace of Aces with a future 189 confirmed kills is history and probably dead before the original plane left Gate D26 and most certainly before the drone entered P-56 airspace. Dead men, all of the so-called hijackers, tell no tales. But the CIA would never kill Barbara Bracher-Olson as she and her husband were already in on the joke. Barbara Bracher-Olson would be memorialized time and time again, eulogy upon eulogy was spoken and fond memories were relived because the the joke has to go on or it’s no fun. I’m sure she enjoyed every minute as she watched from a suite at Camp X-Ray or a penthouse in Europe. Now Barbara Bracher-Olson has her naturally curly dark hair, some minor cosmetic surgery, perhaps a few more pounds on her hips and a set of blue contact lenses for her beautiful brown eyes. Perhaps, she is also surrounded by loving young children that she really wanted more than the endless conservative talk show engagements.

OK I know I’m getting teary eyed at that loving scene, but wait there is more. Barbara is happy and safe. Ted hasn’t remarried and comes to see her every time he can. But what about the normal people who thought they were going to get on their plane awaiting them at Gate D-26? Well they were quickly herded off the plane or taxied to a secure area where a bus was parked and they were given new identities and numbers reserved for “High Value Detainees”. They were informed that they were being transported to a comfortable location in the Carribean as an essential part of a national defense exercise. If anyone was uncomfortable with it well, tough, cause that’s the way things are and besides it will be relaxing fun and a short trip, we guarantee it!.

While at Camp X-Ray some of them would become discontent and labeled trouble makers, they would never have a chance to see their families and loved ones like Barabara Bracher-Olson does. They are simply “Really Really Bad High Value Detainees” (RRBHVD)their “group sessions” would yield essential information in the fight against global terrorism. Some would get to vacation in Syria, Poland and Israel. This could be too good to be true, an endless vacation with Sunday school, fresh air, plenty to drink, professional entertainment, exercise, water sports, practical jokes, Yoga stretching exercises and no family obligations to disrupt their pleasure. Some would eventually come to love their captors as the “Stockholm Syndrom” illustrated. Some would even begin to cherish their captivity.

OOPs here comes the new POTUS Barak Husein Obama, he is determined to shut down Gitmo, Too much bad publicity, torture and rendition. “Man”, he says “this is a lot like Chicago and I hate that place. We have to shut it down”!!! “Hey POTUS” they say “you don’t understand, we have some "High Value Detainees" in Gitmo and nobody wants them”!! (Except their grieving families”) “Believe it or not some of these “Very High Value Detainees” really like their new lifestyle”. “So you can’t shut us down”. POTUS B.H.O. is adamant and also ignorant of the joke so he persists. Meanwhile he asks Congress to shut off further funding to Gitmo. But Congress, being a party to the original joke naturally refuses and gives the Gitmo Joint Command the money they need to keep Camp X-Ray open and their happy campers healthy and contented. “Well” everyone says “ Obama is out of the loop so we can pretend to shut down Gitmo”. “After all, isn't everyone bored with Castro, pina colladas, water sports, humidity and bugs in their shorts?”

At this point a big Commanding voice errupted “Lets go to Hardin, Montana, population 3,384. I have a cousin there who works for a local newspaper and I can get her to be our spokesliar, on the cheap”. Another bigger Commanding voice says “I’ll call a frat buddy friend of mine who works for the local Joint Powers Economic Development Corp and get him to help us relocate our Really Really Bad High Value Detainees, Really Really High Value Detainees, High Value Detainees and perhap a few others to our new Hardin Maximum Security Facility. (HMSF) “We can lease it for big bucks and everyone will keep their mouth shut, what do you say?” The final agreement is nailed down when the biggest Commanding voice of all says “ I’ll call in some chips, help Hardin float some bonds and organize a private security company called American Police Force, Inc. BTW, Does anyone not want a new black Mercedes Benz SUV?. I heard POTUS will give us $4,500 for our old cheep'o American Gitmo Clunkers!!”