Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jesse Ventura (Fmr. Minnesota Gov.) Criticizes Fmr. President George W. Bush.

Sean Hannity interviews Jesse Ventura on his take of the current events and past political events in America. So then Hannity, who obviously got kicked in the head when he was a child, said; "America is better off after GW Bush". BTW, Hannity gets paid to shill for GW Bush and he always does.

This is what America has inherited from GW Bsh and Dick Cheney; 2 wars going bad, a federal government out of control, undue influence from unregistered foreign agents with a powerfull fifth column sponsored by a foreign country, and the reality of a looming depression. In my humble opinion GW Bush and Dick Cheney have done more to harm America's long term interests than any other pair of elected executives since this nation was founded.