Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NY Bakery Workers Take On Goldman Sachs

NY Bakery Workers Take
On Goldman Sachs

Support the Stella D'Oro Bakery Workers' Demonstration Against Goldman Sachs on Sept. 25 !

Call for A 1% Tobin Tax on the Wall Street Derivatives Monsters
On Friday September 25th at 5pm, a much-needed demonstration against Goldman Sachs, 85 Broadway, in Manhattan has been called. The protest in support of the workers of the Stella d'Oro against the closing of the bakery should be supported by people across the country.

It is Goldman Sachs that has lead the Wall Street gamblers in creating the present financial meltdown crisis and production depression. Now with the insane Bush-Obama $24 trillion bailout, 'Welfare for Wall Street,' the 'Zombie banks' like Goldman Sachs, and their holding companies continue to destroy companies for profit.

Broad support of this march is vital. If we had real leaders in Washington who worked for the general welfare of the people, as opposed to being paid agents of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, then Goldman Sachs would have been put into bankruptcy reorganization. We recognize that financial speculation is the cause of this crisis and must be stopped.

As the crisis is strangling the people of the nation, it is Wall Street who must share in the called sacrifice. The best way is to make Wall Street pay for the crisis is by means of a Tobin tax on all financial trnasctions, especially derivatives. In many places in the US , people pay 5% to 10% sales taxes on food and necessities, but Wall Street pays no taxes on its gambling. A 1 % Tobin Tax would help to claw back this $1.5 quadrillion dollar speculative orgy, while providing needed funds for investment in people such as Medicare for all, and a return to a productive economy, not the fake speculative one.
Lets us support the Stella d'Oro workers by joining them and joining together against this foe of America's workers and economy, keep Stella d'Oro jobs in New York, and make Wall Street pay its share with a Tobin Tax.