Friday, December 4, 2009

Real Estate Appraiser sued because roof leaks 9 years later.

Claim of the Week -- Roof Leaks 9 Years After Appraisal
By Peter Christensen
We see many frivolous claims against appraisers. No matter how accurate or careful an appraiser may be, these sorts of claims will be filed anyway.

This particular claim relates to an appraisal for a purchase loan on a single family house in a mid-western state. The home was appraised for the lender at about $60,000. The homeowner has sent a demand letter to the appraiser demanding that the appraiser pay the homeowner about $9,000 to replace the roof and remove a tree that is causing damage to the roof. The homeowner alleges the roof recently started leaking and that the appraiser should have identified this condition in the appraisal report. Here's what makes the claim standout: the appraisal was done in 2000, 9 years and countless windstorms ago. So, here we have a non-client, non-intended user complaining about a roof that started leaking 9 years after the appraisal, a report which clearly stated that the appraiser was not a home inspector and that the report was prepared for the purpose of the mortgage transaction only.