Friday, November 6, 2009

1 shooter 43 victims, I think not!!

The suspected shooter, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was on a ventilator and unconscious in a hospital after being shot four times during the shootings at the Army's sprawling Fort Hood, post officials said. In the early chaos after the shootings, authorities believed they had killed him, only to discover later that he had survived. C-J Oh crap, we wanted him dead C-J

In Washington, a senior U.S. official said authorities at Fort Hood initially thought one of the victims who had been shot and killed was the shooter. The mistake resulted in a delay of several hours in identifying Hasan as the alleged assailant. C-J Oh crap again, What about the finger prints on the guns they belong to a real dead guy!! C-J


There was no delay. Hasan, was accused, tried and convicted within minutes by the mainstream press reading from identical scripts.

Double tapped twice, WTF..where did we go wrong??

This is a set up. I'm waiting for the military to describe him as a member of the oath keepers, too. If he survives he will be placed in solitary confinement and described as a suicidal fanatic. He will never see the light of day nor will the truth. The real shooters will never be revealed as they have already been released and returned to their special ops units.

There will be more than two guns, because the forensics will show more than 1 gun, with shots coming from multiple directions and the 2X double tap will show a third gun, at least. Watch how the story changes. An independent investigation not carried out by government employees looking to pin this mass murder on a Muslim would probably show all kinds of unusual conficts with the official story. I hope the families of the victims are able to ask questions without "official" coersion. The finger prints on the guns will not be his because they have already been linked to a dead man. Oh Oh!! looks like someone got their teats in a wringer, again.

Whoever has the tapes of the carnage and was smart enough to hide them will be promoted from Corporal to Lt. General, within a few weeks C-J

The "Official" story has already morphed: Now General Cone says "only one of Hasan's hand guns was a semi automatic pistol and that explains his high rate of fire!!" Give me a break General Cone, 43 victims, high rate of fire and only 1 of his "two" guns was a semi auto. When you searched Hasan's home you found a revolver with his finger prints on it and substituted that one for another semi-auto already in evidence that didn't have his finger prints on it, the new gun now becomes your new "real" evidence. OR, maybe one of the guns with his prints on it was linked to bullets in Hasan's body. That's not a good sign for your investigation, he was double tapped with one of the guns with his finger prints on it.. This gets stranger and stranger, doesn't it. Once you tell a lie you have to keep telling lies and pretty soon you will be in a corner.

General Cone is trying to bolster a "fact" that some of the victims were shot with a revolver, not a semi auto pistol. I would like to see the point of origin of all shots and how many of the bullets in Hasan were 9mm semi autos and/or 38 specials. I would like to see the barrel striations and location of the shell cases relative to Hasan's body position. How many of the bullets in Hasan were from close range double tap style.

Now General Cone is saying that Hasan emptied his apartment before the "incident". I would empty my apartment before being deployed, wouldn't you? It's the normal thing to do before being deployed. Or it could mean that his stuff was confiscated by the "heroes", so there wouldn't be any pesky conflicting evidence. Either way the media is trying to spin it and say that this is; "more evidence Hasan did it". Don't trust the media, they are "owned" by the government.

This is the lone gunman theory all over again, but this time an officer shoots 43 enlisted personnel. Hey they got away with it when they killed one guy, a President!! Why not make up another story where a lone gunman with 1 9mm semi-auto Beretta M92 pistol and a 5 shot Ruger SP101 revolver shoots 43 people and kills 13 before being gunned down by a Hero who got him at short range (the bad 2X Double Tap) while he was reloading. The whole cock and bull story from General Cone immediatly becomes suspicious because it's too preposterous to believe, unless you are a Becker Head.

The military has a poor record of reporting the truth, like WMDs, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman and others. The Hasan story is of a similar genre.

A baracks revolt, at one or more locations, would have more credability than the lone gunman theory, but the Military can't back down now.