Friday, November 13, 2009


The latest a stunning refashioning of the events at Fort Hood may put another person in the spotlight. It has emerged that a previously unknown person may have fired shots that brought down Maj. Hasan. Kimberly Munley was the heroine America desperately sought in the hours after the massacre at the Fort Hood army base in Texas. Both shooters were armed, while on base, contrary to base policy. 2 or 3 shooters is now the re-versioned report being floated by the Army.

In this latest version a previously unknown person may in fact have fired the bullets that brought down Maj. Hasan, not Munley. A witness said it was unclear whether Munley fired off a shot before another person arrived, shooting Hasan until he fell to the ground. It is still unclear who actually shot him as both person claim to be the hero. In TV appearances, Munley and the other person have thus far failed to clear up exactly who shot him. Munley insisted that she fired at Hasan. The tale of Munley's apparent heroism roughly parallels the case of Jessica Lynch. It is becoming more plausible that Maj. Hasan was setup to be a patsy rather than an innocent hit by "friendly" fire. Until the forensic evidence is released to the special intelligence investigation no one will know the actual truth.

Contrary to all other previous claims by the Army, Hasan was born in the USA not Palestine. Maj. Hasan was born in the USA to Jordanian parents not Palestinian parents. On numerous occasions the Army has attempted to link him to Palestinian unrest, al-qaeda or other extremist groups. The links have here-to-for been floated by the Army's propaganda arm, USASOCOM have been proven to be unproductive.

In another more startling reversal for the Army. Contrary to their preposterous reports, Hasan's military personnel record indicates that he did not apply for an early discharge from the army, as a conscientious objector or for any reason as previously stated by the Army. He had never been written up for poor performance. Nearly every news item from the Army and has issued through USASOCOM has turned out to be false or misleading.

The investigation into the real circumstances surrounding the stories offered by the Army and USASOCOM are being investigated by John Brennan, an advisor on homeland security. The Intelligence investigation is being met with fierce resistance by the Army, because they claim it will interfere with the Army's criminal investigation. If it interferes with their criminal investigation, why were they constantly grandstanding in the "News Media"? Thus the intelligence investigation is being denied critical forensic evidence necessary to sort through the many versions of the Army's stories. According to "The Patriot Act" John Brennan has full authority to investigate any investigation being made by the Army. He will not be hoodwinked and he has the full faith of the Department of Homeland Security and the President and will receive all the support that he needs to ferret out the truth, irrespective of Army stonewalling.