Saturday, November 7, 2009

There were many shooters, were they all Muslims?

The governor of Texas has confirmed, twice, that there were at least 3 shooters. The shootings appear to have been in an auditorium with movie style seats and a stage. The killers apparently roamed the isles and shot at point blank range the people on the isle seats and randomly at people on the interior seats. By definition this was a conspiracy since more than one shooter was involved. Now its becoming clearer, the gunmen were special ops and probably not muslims. They are being held by the Military utill they can get their story straight and pin everything on a muslim, who incidentally is supposed to be dead, but isn't. In America we honor the fallen soldiers if they aren't Muslim.

General Cone is pushing the crazed Muslim gunman theory as hard as he can. There has been no mention of the other gunmen by General Cone because it destroys his preposterous lone Muslim mass killer story. This time there were alot of witnesses the majority of them were scheduled to go to Afghanistan and now their departure has been expedited.

This is the lone gunman theory all over again, but this time the patsy is a Muslim and an officer who shoots 43 enlisted personnel.(Reverse fraggin) Hey they got away with it when they killed a President!! Why not make up another story where a lone gunman with one 9mm semi-auto Beretta M92 pistol and a 5 shot Ruger SP101 revolver shoots 43 people and kills 13 before being gunned down by a Heroine who got him at short range (the bad 2X Double Tap) while he was reloading. The whole cock and bull story from General Cone immediatly becomes suspicious because it's too preposterous to believe, unless you are a Becker Head.

The heroine is a Jessica Lynch standin, who looks like a small 105lb kid who couldn't hold her own in a fight with a puppy. (MPS and Blackwater guards are notoriously large) Whoever wants to be a hero follow me and BTW here is your script. (I would love to see her polygraph results)

The military has a poor record of reporting the truth, like WMDs, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman and others. The Hasan story is full of the same holes and of a similar genre.

A special ops theory would have more credability than the lone gunman theory, but the Military can't back down now. Their star patsy is a man in a coma who can't defend himself. They would like to see him die but if he survives he will be shipped to gitmo and disappear forever.