Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A dick who was VPOTUS

Whenever life has looked bleak and lately with the looming depression, Wall Street/Bankers' bonuses, Afghanistan and Iraq, this has scarcely been a pleasant autumn - there has been at least one notable consolation.

We are no longer obliged to turn on the news to be greeted by the crooked tooth sneers of Dick Cheney.

He is gone, finished, suffering death by a thousand ignores, or life imprisonment without possibility of remission on his huge ranch with secret service servants constantly at his side. Occasionally he is on parole to be the keynote speaker at chicken dinners in U.S. cities for enormous speaker fees and adulation from his Military/Industrial/Congressional (MIC) complex while he preaches to their choir.

There have been moments when you could almost pity the former VPOTUS, but we should not. Why you ask "should I not pity the poor crooked toothed torturer, failure and Traitor"? Because he gets a huge monthly check from his past employers, the American taxpayers and Halliburton Corp. Halliburton left and went to Dubai, Dick should too.

For whatever his failures and foibles as preeminent advisor to the Cheney/Bush regime and caretaker of America's future for 8 years, his influence is waning. It may seem possible to feel empathy for a traitor who will live long enough to see his failures and foibles bring America to it's knees. But he has no prospects except the adulation of his clueless daughter and wife until his next heart attack. Unfortunately we have seen him make making desperate attempts to download Afghanistan and Iraq onto America and call those bags of manure his patriotic duty. During the presidency of the elder Bush, he was labeled, "one of the crazies". Now he has nothing except his sound bite moments in the sun when promoted by the other right wing crazies on Faux News like Rush, Shawn, Glenn and Bill. (They will suck up to power for money, every time)

But this is where the SHTF. Lately we have discovered that those P.O.S. chicken dinners were his platform to launch attacks against the POTUS. So the nightmare of another Dick isn't over. Although America has had it's fill of the super hyped WMD's, Pat Tillam's fratricide, "successes" in Afghanistan, Iraq and the destruction of 9/11 the MIC complex hasn't. The fool master and former VPOTUS is front-runner to become the spokesperson for a lame and discredited MIC complex. He assumes a position created by the MIC complex which will destroy America's credit, credibility and moral preeminence in the world. His "us against them" was the fraud which prompted Wall Street and the Banksters to commit a heinous financial fraud. (All is fair in war and finance, right?)

Dick's self appointed role as speaker for the "loyal opposition" is another fraud. Elected by his peers he is the consummate fraudster and was elected without the time consuming process of a real popular election. His new preeminence as the right wings spokesman rests in the hands of Faux News, the MIC complex and the Banksters of America. In the months ahead, they will decide in backroom plots when to pull the plug on the middle class, if they haven't already.

The views of the MIC complex carried the seeds of destruction of America. President Obama may cut a sorry figures on the national stage, but Dick will make the enthusiasm for more war his "Casus belli". His personal vendetta is to destroy America for his commitment to self importance. America is his servant not the other way around.

Most logical people have reservations, but FAUX News, and right wing political gossip, columnists like Ann Coulter, the skinny anorexic joke on Faux News, suggest these may be overcome.

The problem for America is simple, the MIC complex has created a grand plan to inflate America's military and financial power they failed and now they need a spokes person with "patriotic" credentials. They have decided that Dick is "their patriot", and thereby they have identified a traitor as their "man" to do their job.

A simple cursory review of the list of rival candidates is short. This makes it a slam dunk to appoint Dick as their "man". From this point of view it is easy to understand why Dick is being hand picked and soft stroked with their political hole in the ground to lead their insane policies.

The Demoncrats can only offer the POTUS as their leader. Their titular head is Barak Obama,and he is just another figment of the public's imagination that either party actually has America's best interests at heart.